Bali Tile Collection

Bali Tile Collection BALI 40% RECYCLED CONTENT Make your home a destination you love and cherish, an island of refreshment. Bali porcelain tile evokes the fascination of distant lands in a modern way. Its inspiration comes from artisanal woodworking of select wood from the banana tree, exalting the geometry of that material's multi-directional veining. Each color blend offers a wide range of hues that blend beautifully with your furnishings. The look manages to be casual and elegant at the same time; it is truly unique. The banana tree is not really a tree; it is actually a perennial herb belonging to the grass family. Although small decorative items are sometimes made using the material, there is not enough yield to do large projects. An investment group planned a luxurious eco-resort in The Seychelles and tried to figure out creative ways to make use of the material for floors and furniture but the project was abandoned after three years; the material was just too difficult to utilize. Fortunately, a talented group of Italian designers decided this would be a great material to re-create digitally for porcelain tile. They built their work on the prototype pieces designed for the project to recreate the cross-directional veining and coloration of the natural material. The results speak for themselves. You get the look of an amazing but unattainable material with all of the attributes of Italian porcelain tile. It will never stain, scratch, fade, yellow or swell from water. It will simply look stunning for years and transport you to your destination of choice every time you walk through the door.
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