MIRACLE SEALANTS LEVOLUTION Cap Component ABOUT CAP COMPONENT The Levolution Cap component is a universal and reusable cap designed to prevent any lippage from occurring during installation. These caps are placed over the tile spacer and then tightened with the Levolution Evolver Tool to provide a consistent, even and level floor or wall installation. These caps are universal so they are compatible with each spacer profile (cross, flat, tee) and size (1/16 in, 1/8 in, 3/16 in). These caps have an open center so the installer can always see the grout lines to make sure they are straight. Caps are designed to be reused up to 8 times depending on how aggressive installer is when removing as in kicking off or using the evolver tool to remove. Levolution can be used with tile or stone with thicknesses up to ½". Caps are sold 50 caps per bag and include a De-Capper tool that removes the caps from the spacers for re-use or adjustment.
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