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Wedi shower systems create the structure and substrate for tiled showers and bathrooms


The trade world is Wedi's world.


wedi, pronounced “vee-dee,” is a family owned company that offers over 37 years of experience as your specialist, and partner, in premium 100% waterproof and mold-proof, directly tileable building panels and customizable shower systems. The simple nature of the system helps prep tiled showers faster than possible with other methods because it includes relatively few parts and pieces, and is easier to understand and assemble. This helps to create a more consistent installation that reduces the likelihood of error, and is fully backed by a manufacturers’ warranty.




Wedi offers a product system consisting of shower floor elements with integrated drainage, tile backer/wall panels, curb and seat structures, wall niches, sealants, and many more accessories. The products can be combined to create a complete installation kit, and may be installed over framed or solid substructures. The product systems combine all that is needed for wet room floors and walls before tiling: solid backing, safe waterproofing, and a great surface to tile over. While the products work as a complete modular system, they are highly customizable, clean, and fast to install.




The Wedi shower system is a must-have for preparing your shower for tiling, especially if you plan to customize it to your specifications. Wedi carries all of the pieces necessary to create a shower with benches, niches, ramps, curbs and more—and Wedi shower kits come with everything you need to do the job from top to bottom. Don’t worry about mold, mildew or leaks with your Wedi shower. The Wedi sealing tape and joint sealant will close up all gaps so your new shower is flexible, durable and resistant to cleaning chemicals and the elements.





Functionality and safety play a decisive role in the bathroom and especially in floor-level and curbed showers. That’s why, for decades, craftsmen have relied upon the unique quality of wedi. Because of our many innovative features and by having the right products for virtually any requirement wedi is the premium supplier for all renovation and new construction shower solutions.

 wedi Fundo Ligno Curbless Shower Base with Center Drain | Wet room shower, Shower  base, Shower installation

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