Sealers & Enhancers

Sealers & Enhancers

Sealers & Enhancers

What is stone sealer?

Sealing adds a barrier to the stone, which helps prevent staining by giving you extra time to clean up spills that would otherwise soak into the stone immediately. While no stone sealer is truly stain-proof, high-quality sealers provide stain resistance by extending the reaction time of the contaminant on the stone. In other words, stone that has not been properly sealed will stain much more quickly than a stone that has been sealed.


What is stone enhancer?

Unlike stone sealer, stone enhancer does not provide a barrier against stains. However, there are many available combination products that contain both stone sealer and enhancer. Enhancer is designed to highlight the stone’s natural color. Many homeowners like the way their tile looks when wet—to achieve that deeper color and luster even when your tile isn’t wet, an enhancer is the key. Enhancers can also add various levels of shine to the surface of the stone.

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