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Top Knobs was founded in 1994 and began its remarkable climb to leadership in the North American decorative hardware industry. Today Top Knobs is the #1 manufacturer of decorative hardware for the professional market. Top Knobs products are prominently displayed in leading kitchen, bath and decorative hardware showrooms in North America.


Top Knobs partners with professional showrooms to display 30 product collections and 37 finishes of kitchen and bath decorative hardware and accessories. As a "design company" our products are not available at mass merchandising do-it-yourself stores. Top Knobs is available only from design showrooms.

Top Knobs offers the industry's most extensive line of premium quality cabinet, drawer, and bath knobs, pulls and other hardware, created to suit all tastes and styles. The company's wide selection of traditional and modern decorative hardware is the result of a creative design staff and talented craftsmen. Each Top Knobs piece has the quality look and feel of custom-made, at an affordable price. Top Knobs is the #1 leader and #1 trend-setter for the professional decorative hardware industry. Visit one of our showroom partners today to experience the design, selection, quality, value, and service that have made Top Knobs #1.




Use the hardware selection tool to narrow down our wide array of decorative hardware to a small selection of knobs and pulls that best reflect your style. See below for more information on using the Find Your Style tool, click HERE to watch a video on the tool, or click START to begin.


To use the Find Your Style tool, Click Start to begin.

  1. As you move through the tool, click Next at the bottom to advance to the next page.
  2. To the right of the word Next is a counter showing you how many knobs and pulls remain as you make your selections. Keep an eye on this number to ensure your selections are not limiting your results.
  3. After you have completed your style survey, the tool will display a results page with up to 20 knobs and pulls that seem to best fit your style.
  4. Click on a knob or pull for more information on that product and to order a free sample.
  5. At the bottom of the results page you will have several options for sharing your results with your designer and others.
  6. If you would like to go back through the tool and change your answers, then click on Refine at the top of the Results page.

Top Knobs has thousands of knobs and pulls to choose from, in a variety of styles, finishes, and price points. We hope this Find Your Style tool helps to narrow these options to a personalized selection of knobs and pulls, making the design process both effortless and inspirational.







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