Alpi Porcelain Tile Collection

Alpi Porcelain Tile Collection ​Well known for their scenic beauty, the Alps are also a bountiful source of high-quality natural stones that are used extensively throughout Europe. Often referred to as "Northern Stones" by the Italians, stones from the Alps are typically very dense stones with consistent color. Because of their density, these stones can be used in nearly any type of building and because of their uniform color they work equally well in contemporary and traditional designs. They exemplify what a classic building material can be. ​Alpi is a porcelain interpretation of a premium stone from the Alps. Being glazed porcelain, Alpi takes the uniformity and performance of the natural stone to an even higher level at a very reasonable cost. Available in 3 colors, Alpi comes in 12x24, 2x2 mosaics and 3x24 surface bullnose. It is suitable for most residential and commercial floors and walls. Alpi exceeds .6 COF coefficient of friction both wet and dry.