Wedi Shower Seats and Benches

Wedi Shower Seats and Benches

wedi Sanoasa Shower Benches

wedi Sanoasa benches are constructed to enable unmatched freedom of visual design. Both the seating areas and the carrier elements can be positioned in various ways, and their shapes and sizes can be modified for any project.

The pre-sloped benches attach to shower wall and floor surfaces using wedi Joint Sealant. With all floor-mounted options, the sloped shower floor forms a gap in areas where thin-set can be used as a filler, and mesh tape is applied over the thin-set or floor to create a a reinforced seam that does not require waterproofing if installed over a wedi shower base and system.


wedi Sanoasa Wellness Benches and Loungers

wedi takes rejuvenation and relaxation to a whole new level in the bathroom. wedi’s unique, elegant wellness elements create an unforgettable spa experience. There is no limit to the design possibilities wedi offers for a customized and peaceful bath.

  • Modular benches, loungers, and design elements
  • 100% waterproof and vapor-retardant with the wedi XPS foam
  • Insulating properties reduce vapor transmission pressure, and save energy
  • No need for framework support
  • Variety of standard products, and limitless custom fabrication possibilities
  • Fast, clean, and efficient installation of full prefabrication modules
  • Create a dream wellness oasis in any place
Wedi Shower Seats and Benches

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