Wedi Waterproofing Sheet Membrane and Tapes

Wedi Waterproofing Sheet Membrane and Tapes


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The wedi Subliner Dry System includes Subliner Dry Sheet Membrane, Sealing Tape, Prefabricated Outside and Inside Corner Tapes, and various Sealing Collars that waterproof entire structures, especially in shower and steam room construction. wedi Subliner Dry is well suited for sealing measures over the pre-existing wall or floor underlayment, including drywall. Use Subliner Dry in combination with ceramic tiles, slabs, and natural cast tiles for indoor wall and floor areas. It has strong performance in steam showers and rooms due to its unique Vapor Resistance rating of 0.09 WVTR/Perms as tested using ASTM E96; method E. Subliner Dry is a strong membrane yet very pliable.

Installation steps, measuring, and cutting grid lines are printed on its surface. The Subliner Dry System includes many accessories, including wedi Sealant 620 to treat all seams in installations to water and vapor-proof. The wedi approach to sealing sheet membrane seams compares traditional techniques, where thinset mortar is applied between sheets at seams. While the sheets may be waterproof in such projects, the thinset taped seams cannot reasonably be expected to waterproof and protect the substrate. The thinset will absorb water and allow its passage too.

We also have special sealing tape options available, such as our Tub Sealing Tape. This wedi Sealing Tape is equipped with a butyl-based adhesive strip which attaches to a plastic tub unit’s perimeter outside edge before it’s attached up onto blocking installed horizontally between framing studs. Here it creates a waterproofing back-up to a tub’s traditional surround wall backers, which are prone to separate and leak at the transition from tub to wall.

Wedi Waterproofing Sheet Membrane and Tapes
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