Wedi Vapor 85 for Steam Showers

Wedi Vapor 85 for Steam Showers

Product information

A special variant of the wedi Building Panel, wedi Vapor 85 is designed for the specific installation in steam showers and steam rooms. It will serve as a strong vapor retarder, far exceeding the minimum requirements set by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) for vapor retarders used in continuous-use steam rooms. At the same time it offers all the benefits of the traditional and time-tested wedi Building Panel: it is light yet strong. It can be cut and worked with in a clean and exact way. It adds insulation and provides great bond for tile and other suitable surface finishes.

However, the best feature is that it is a component of a fully-functioning system, which was developed to also vaporproof seams, and fastener penetrations. The wedi Vapor 85 makes best use of wedi system technology taken from wedi Building Panel, wedi Subliner Dry, wedi Subliner Dry Sealing Tape, and wedi Joint Sealant. Additionally, it works great with wedi Fundo® or Subliner Dry on steam room floors.

Wedi Vapor 85 for Steam Showers

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