Downtown Tile Collection

Downtown Tile Collection Uniqueness is often influenced by seemingly casual association. This is perhaps best illustrated by the downtown core areas of Italian cities, where time, technology and varied materials are interwoven to create vibrant spaces that manage to have style and fashion along with a sense of time and humanity. Each city is unique and shows parts of the history that formed it. Stone and concrete sidewalks are worn down to the pebbles, each with their own particular chromatic variations that indicate they are exactly where they belong winding past ultra-modern art and architecture mixed in with historical masterpieces. Downtown porcelain tile brings an exceptional interpretation of these areas. Cutting edge porcelain tile with digital imaging creates a surface that recalls the past while maintaining an unequivocally contemporary aesthetic that is easy to maintain and supremely durable. The aesthetic is taken to a new level with the Random decorative pattern, which recalls the remaining evidence of ancient frescos the have undergone a modern mash-up, offering a distinctive flourish that adds energy to your space while still leaving room for the rest of your furnishings to shine. Downtown is available in 12x24, 16x32 and 2x2 mosaic in 3 colors with 3x24 bullnose. Random is available in 12x24 in Ecru and Ivory. All finishes can be used for heavy residential and light commercial floors and walls and exceed the ADA recommendation of .6 coefficient of friction both wet and dry. Some floors, particularly exterior installations, might require a higher degree of slip resistance.