Wedi Sealant 620, 10.5 oz. cartridge 620 US5000088 MS Polymer Sealant


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wedi Sealant 620


Product information

wedi 620 is a flexible sealant offering vapor-tight performance. It is used with a wedi sealing tape to create strong connections in wedi Subliner Dry Sheet waterproofing and Vapor 85 assemblies.

It is used for wedi Vapor 85 steam shower installations. They are installed using the wedi 620 Sealant between assembly components. Used to waterproof and affix wedi sealing tape over seams and fastener points. For use with all wedi Subliner Dry products (includes wedi inside/outside corner sealing tape, wedi waterproof sealing tape, wedi Vapor 85 patch kit for fastener locations, and wedi Subliner Dry mats for seams and overlaps.

**Note: Thinset mortar is also used in the installation of wedi Subliner Dry. See installation instructions for more information.

wedi Sealant 620 is indispensable in combination with wedi Vapor 85 and wedi Subliner Dry. wedi 620, unlike wedi joint sealant, is not a standalone construction adhesive. Where wedi 620 is used to adhere, connect and seal assembly parts, it needs to be used in combination with wedi Subliner Dry sealing tape reinforcing all seams and joints.


Technical Data

Basic Material
Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP)
Grey or Anthracite
Hardening System
Through air humidity
ca. 1.45 g/ml
Solvent Content
Isocyanate Content
Drying Agent Content
approx. 100%
Elongation at break
approx. 250%
Skin formation
After approx. 15 minutes
Through-hardening (+73F / 50% RH)
approx. 3 mm per 24 hours
Permissible total movement
approx. 20%
Processing temperature
do not use below +41F
Temperature resistance
-104F + 212F up to 365F for short time (max 30 minutes)
Frost stability
not frost sensitive
Water Vapor Transmission
ASTM E96-2016, Permeance/Perms 0.03 and WVT (grains/h x ft sq) 0.05

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