Flow Porcelain Tile Collection

Flow Porcelain Tile Collection There is no other material that can honestly claim to be as timeless as natural stone. Since the beginning of recorded history, the stone has been used as the ultimate finishing material for interiors and exteriors. Nonetheless, natural stone does have limitations. Most stones have a wide range of color and veining. Some people love this; they know their installation will be unique. Most of us, however, want to know what it will look like before committing to the time and expense of a project. The flow was inspired by the Italian marble, Orobico, which is highly prized for slab projects in Italy. Since slabs are often individually selected for jobs, the extreme veining and color variation are considered an asset and really do make each job unique. There is also a small percentage of material that has a beautiful long flowing vein in more even colors. This veining can come in the light or dark portions of the block and occasionally even comes with a beautiful trace of blue that is unique to this marble. The design team for Flow was able to separate this long vein into four different color ranges; one dark and three lighter. Each range is unique; the three lighter ranges are rich but subtle and the dark range is bold and striking. They managed to get over one hundred images in each color for an amazingly natural look while maintaining a tight color range and linear veining. There is nothing like it. Flow achieves a nearly impossible objective; it is absolutely gorgeous without taking away from the objects around it. Each color range easily blends with a wide variety of colors and styles and there is a size for every project. Flow comes in 3x12, 12x24, 18x36, 2x2 mosaics and 3 1/2 x 24 surface bullnose. All sizes have square edges for small grout joints and the 12x24 and 18x36 sizes are rectified.