Wedi Vapor 85 Building Board (Panels) -3' x 8' x 1/2 in. 010702912

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Area of application wedi Vapor 85

wedi Vapor 85 is both a board type sealing system and a building board with constructional and vapour resistant properties which is specifically tested and approved for wall applications. It can be used on solid walls and stud frames, as well as on floors and on ceilings, in interior areas. Due to its special properties, it is versatile in its applications:

• Carrier element for laying tile, slab and natural stone floor coverings using the thin-bed method, and surface for plaster and other materials
• Vapour barrier
• Effective thermal insulation
• Compound seal with tile and slab coverings on wall surfaces

Information about fitting, implementation of the sealing details and surface requirements can be found in the “wedi Vapor 85 building board application guidelines”.
Wedi Vapor 85 Building Board (Panels) -3' x 8' x 1/2 in. 010702912
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