Looking for In-Stock Underfloor Heating? We got you covered with Warmup!

Looking for In-Stock Underfloor Heating? We got you covered! At Portland Direct Tile & Marble, we now stock Warmup Underfloor Heating in the DCM Pro Cable & the Warmup Mats! We also carry the un-coupling membranes, and wifi thermostats!

The DCM-PRO Uncoupling System is the latest development in electric underfloor heating by Warmup.

Due to load-bearing weight and structural subfloor movement, floor finishes can get damaged and tiles are especially prone to cracking. The DCM-PRO Membrane’s innovative uncoupling design results in significant protection for tiled flooring by creating a new layer between the subfloor and the floor finish.

The Membrane has been successfully tested to ANSI 118.12 standards and performed well on the Robinson test (ASTM C-627). It is the highest-rated membrane for floor heating systems.

The Membrane is available in two options, fleece-backed or peel-and-stick, offering great versatility for your installation preference. Both membranes can be used with the DCM-PRO Heating Cable for efficient underfloor heating.

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11th Feb 2020 Victoria Holmes

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