Heirloom Ceramic Tile Collection

Heirloom Ceramic Tile Collection

Made in Spain


 The Heirloom Ceramic Tile Collection is inspired by the northern lights. A collection in the characteristic colours of nature that can be admired in northern Norway, adapted to an artisanal-look collection of ceramic tiles. The range of tones and patterns featured in this collection recreate the shifting lights and colours of the Artic nights. Available in 4"x4" and 2.6"x7.9" formats, it allows for multiple layouts.


4"x4" Box Size 5.32 Sq. Ft. 

2.6"x7.9" Box Size 5.38 Sq. Ft. 

Bullnose Available in 2.6"x7.9" Finished on 7.9" Side No Box Required Sold by Piece 

Heirloom Ceramic Tile Collection
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