Trinity Ceramic Tile

Trinity Ceramic Tile Collection


The handmade-look Trinity ceramic wall tile adds a charming, artisanal-style design element to your space. Moroccan-inspired, the 4" x 4" or 2.6"x7.9" gloss-finish and matte finishes. A tile features a blend of stunning tones and high color variation with uneven edges and surface texture, mimicking that of authentic handmade zellige tile.


Sizes Available


4"x4" (Box Size 5.38 SF Per Box)


2.6"x7.9" (Box Size 5.32 SF Per Box)
Bullnose Available in 2.6"x7.9" Finished on 7.9" Edge Sold By Piece No Box Required 


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Trinity Ceramic Tile

Shipping Available to All States.

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Shipping Available to All States | Call 503-230-9500

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