Wedi Shower Systems Available at Portland Direct Tile & Marble

Wedi Shower Systems Available at Portland Direct Tile & Marble

Wedi Shower Systems

If you pick the perfect shower tile but don’t invest in a good waterproofing system, you might as well throw all your tile away. Proper waterproofing could mean the difference between a tile installation that lasts a lifetime and thousands of dollars in water damage.

Wedi makes it easy to build a 100% waterproof, completely custom tile shower that will last a lifetime.

Wedi is a durable, lightweight, high-density, extruded polystyrene foam building material. This customizable, completely waterproof system is ideal for showers, tub surrounds, and beyond.

100% Waterproof The Wedi components are sold separately so that you can choose materials specific to your installation. We'll help you calculate out exactly what you need for your project.

  • Mold-proof
  • DIY-friendly
  • Installed and ready for tile same day
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Completely customizable
  • 10-year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Free online installation videos
  • German-made shower system
  • Used in Europe for over 30 years
  • Ideal for building showers, spas, and more

You won't need heavy, messy concrete wall boards or special setting materials for this system:

  1. Insure that your floor is level
  2. Set the shower pan with regular thinset mortar
  3. Screw the Wedi wall boards into place
  4. Caulk every seam with the watertight Wedi sealant. Where blue meets blue, you need glue!

The lightweight Wedi products are easy to cut and work with; you could have an entire shower surround installed and ready for tile in a day.

How do I get a Wedi shower system?

Send us a drawing with measurements or schedule an appointment and we’ll create a quote for all the supplies you need to build your dream shower. Pick up your supplies in-store to save on shipping at Portland Direct Tile & Marble. 503-230-9500 or Email

Foam? How durable is it really?

Wedi is made from Extruded Polystyrene, which is a high-density foam product, much stronger than styrofoam. As a closed-cell foam, it won't allow moisture or vapor penetration. Wedi products are reinforced with a coating of fiberglass mesh and cement for added strength and durability.

What's the difference between Wedi and other waterproofing systems?

How it's Waterproof

Some other waterproofing systems rely on a waterproof coating. If you scratch or dent the surface of other waterproofers, you have to reseal all damaged spots. Wedi's polystyrene core is completely waterproof, and it's concrete coating allows for a better tile bond. Even if you scratch off the coating or score the panels, they do not lose their watertight nature.


Wedi is rated for floor use in a commercial setting. That means that it's denser and stronger than other foam materials and can withstand as much weight as a standard cement board or backerboard.

Important Notes on Waterproofing

Water goes where it wants.

H2O is a determined little molecule; if it can find a way to get through your grout, past your tile, and into the structure of your house, it will. That's why waterproofing your shower installation is so important: if you don't do the job right, the water damage four to eight years down the road may be irreparable.

One common misconception is that if the building materials are tightly set, then water can't get through. Water will use even the tightest cracks and crevices to creep and work its way out in what's known as the Wick Effect. Each time the water creeps in (each time you take a shower, for example), it will open the crevice a little more and leak exponentially faster. The smallest crack or unsealed area will spell disaster. That's why you need a completely watertight system that will allow for no absorption or leaks.

“Water stable” is not waterproof.

Some products, such as cement board, are water stable. This means that they will not warp, swell, or fall apart if exposed to or submerged in water, in the way that plywood or drywall would. But they are not waterproof: water will still absorb into cement board. If all you have between your shower water and your wall studs is cement board, water will wick through to your wood wall studs and cause mold and mildew.

Waterproof materials, such as Wedi board are non-porous and will not allow water through. Sealing the seams with the appropriate material, such as polyurethane sealant, will keep your entire installation together.

Largest selection of Wedi Shower Systems in Portland, available at Portland Direct Tile & Marble. Showroom & Warehouse Open M-F 8-5 & Saturday 9-3

13th Jun 2023

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