Wedi Fundo Ligno Shower Pans

Wedi Fundo Ligno (Curbless) Shower Pans


Product information

These pre-sloped and waterproof shower bases are designed with a low profile perimeter thickness (3/4 inch) to easily recess flush into a subfloor construction when a barrier free entry is required and come with a wedi® Fundo Click and Seal® Drain unit.

Key features:  

  • Used in combination with wedi Subliner Dry® sheet waterproofing membrane applied 3 feet out into bathroom floor area for a waterproof transition.
  • When used with a Ligno® Recess Installation Kit, you can easily and safely recess wooden subfloors for curbless designs.


Here is how you select the right shower base size to fit the job in most cases:

  1. Determine the distance between the center of the 2-inch pipe in the subfloor to all framed walls and where you plan to have the inside of a wedi curb (as if it were another framed wall).
  2. Take note of the longest dimension of the two distances measured along each axis (east/west and north/south.)
    1.  You will need to select a shower base that covers 2x the length of the longest dimensions along each axis. This will ensure that the shower base will cover the entire shower area and, if needed, can be trimmed on site to position the integrated wedi drain over the 2-inch wastepipe in the subfloor.

This method of calculating the correct shower base works for square and rectangular spaces with a mostly centered drain location. Where drains are very close to a wall, one of our off-center drain bases should be used if possible.

Refer to our Technical Drawings section to select the correct base that covers your shower dimensions, and will properly align the integrated wedi drain with the floor drain pipe.

Wedi Fundo Ligno Shower Pans
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