Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pans

Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pan Systems 

Fundo Primo

"Floor-level shower elements for effective use of space."

Product information

Internally waterproof and pre-sloped shower shower base with factory integrated and waterproofed point drain connection for fast track installations that eliminate the many different steps and products involved in traditional mortar bed or semi pre-fabricated sheet – or liquid membrane system installations .

Fundo Primo can be customized in the field and cut to size fitting shower stalls smaller than the nominal size of the product. Fundo Primo is available in select sizes featuring centered and off-centered drain options.

The bases come with even perimeter thickness for easy recessing into subfloor construction while curbs can be used with Fundo Primo as well. Fundo Primo can be directly tiled over upon installation and there is no limitation to the size of tile or type of tile and cement based tile setting materials selected.

Fundo Primo is available with select drain cover options. Due to the precise slope fields of the Fundo Primo, large or small format tile may be used. Within each slope field the tile will be fully supported over an even yet sloped surface. Where slope fields meet, grout lines should be designed when using tile larger than 4 “ x 4” as these should not span across two slope fields.

  • 100% waterproof due to its extruded polystyrene ( closed cell) foam core
  • 100% mold and mildew proof due to the product ‘s natural composition.
  • Precisely pre-sloped and ready to tile surface made of reinforcing fiberglass mesh embedded in a heavy duty cement resin coating performing as a strong tile backing and strong enough surface to work on during system installation and prior to tiling
  • High insulating properties due to its extruded polystyrene core giving tile or stone finish surfaces a warmer touch.
  • Extremely lightweight due to its rigid foam core benefitting installations over older structures and handling on construction sites.
  • Easy and clean to cut to size using a circular saw or handsaw.
  • Installation is extremely fast and safe due to the one piece shower base application. The product or installation requires no curing times allowing for a continuous installation process.
  • Drain covers are height adjustable for a perfect finish with the tile selected
  • No limitation to use of tile sizes or the type of tile
  • No limitation to use of cement based thinset mortars and grouts. Product works perfectly with polyurethane or epoxy based grouts.
Wedi Fundo Primo Shower Pans

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