Wedi Fundo Riolito Shower Pans

Wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Shower Pan Systems

Wedi Fundo Riolito Shower Bases are a reliable, cost-efficient solution for constructing waterproof flush, (recessed) or over-subfloor shower floors. These ready-to-tile floor units are simple to install, even when incorporating small mosaic tiles. 

Wedi Fundo Riolito Shower Bases are designed for either barrier-free (curbless) or curbed installations. For Curbless installation be aware that the thickness of the base will need to be taken into consideration by reducing the height of the shower subfloor or increasing the height of the bathroom floor to make for an even transition.

Wedi Fundo Riolito Shower Pans have a heavy-duty point load capability, a coating that allows for it,  and a ready-made slope for a perfect tile setting. These shower base kits are designed to be used in conjunction with Wedi building panels on the shower walls.

Some great advantages Wedi Fundo Shower Pans offer over traditional installation methods: no more pre-sloping baseliners, mud beds, waterproofing membranes, and the weep hole drain. Fundo Pans also eliminate the risks related to conventional installations such as baseliner cracks, clogged weep holes, and mold growth in mud beds. These prefabricated shower bases reduce installation time from 2-3 days to as little as 30 minutes! Wedi shower substrate installations are ready to tile the same day.

This kit includes the shower base and the drain, however, it does not come with the shower drain cover. Click here to view drain covers.

Wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Shower Base Kit Sizes and Technical Drawings:

Item Number Length x Width x Height Drain Length Drain Location  
075100016 36" x 60" x 2-3/8" including drain (four-way slope) 43-5/16" Long side of shower pan  
075100012 48" x 60" x 2-1/2" including drain (four-way slope) 27-1/2" Short side of shower pan  
075100014 48" x 72" x 2" including drain (four-way slope) 43-5/16" Long side of shower pan  



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Wedi Fundo Riolito Shower Pans
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