Wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Modular Shower Systems

Wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Modular Shower Systems

Wedi Riolito Neo Modular Shower System (48” x 66 3/4” Extension)

The Wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Modular System is a modular shower base/linear drain system allowing a greater variety of customization than single-piece fixed shower pans.  It consists of two basic elements: a rectangular module with an integrated trench/linear drain, and a much larger sloped extension panel. Drainage can be installed close to the wall or you can use two extension modules, each leading away from either side with a centered drain module. Each module is made of Wedi's propriety 100% waterproof XPS foam and sanded resin coating.  

Wedi Fundo Riolito Modular Shower Bases are designed for either barrier-free (curbless) or curbed installations. For the Curbless installation be aware that the thickness of the base will need to be taken into consideration by reducing the height of the shower subfloor or increasing the height of the bathroom floor to make for an even transition. Wedi does offer a Wedi Fundo Ligno Subfloor Recess Installation Kit

The drain module may also be used with mortar bed shower applications (to be topically waterproofed using Wedi Subliner Dry, connecting to the Riolito Neo trench/drain module).  When purchasing, choose the appropriate drain, and the appropriate extension. The drain covers and installation kits are sold separately, and are available here: Fundo Riolito Drain Cover Plates. and Wedi Fundo Riolito Drain Installation Kits 


Wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Modular Shower System Drain Modules & Extensions:

Model # Type Size  
075100050 Extension 32" x 66 3/4"  
075100052 Drain Module 32" x 50-3/4"  
075100051 Extension 48" x 66 3/4"  
075100053 Drain Module 48" x 50-3/4"  


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Manufacturer Wedi
Wedi Fundo Riolito Neo Modular Shower Systems

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