Wedi Subliner Flex 322 sq.ft. ; 39” x 98 ft US5000006

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Wedi Subliner Flex


wedi Subliner Flex

•Tile Underlayment Sheet
Membrane for thinbed mortar
•Replacement for Cement Backer
Board Underlayments on Floors
•For use with all types of cement
based thinset mortars
•Naturally improving Crack Protection
Wedi Subliner Flex 322 sq.ft. ; 39” x 98 ft US5000006
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US5000006 wedi Subliner Flex Mat 39 in. x 98' (322 sqft)
Crack-bridging decoupling membrane made from stable reinforcing fabric that ensures excellent adhesion of tile-setting compounds thanks to its special fleece layer on each side.
  • Designed to keep cracks that originate in the substrate from propagating up through the tile and grout

  • Highly pliable with lowest build up in installation

  • Highly tear resistant

  • ICC approved


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